More Creek Project


The More Creek Hydroelectric Project (the proposed “Project) will be located on More Creek which flows into the Iskut River approximately 130 km north of the town of Stewart in northwestern British Columbia. Road access to the Project will be by Provincial Highway 37 and will require approximately 11.5 km of access roads from the Highway including the construction of a 130 m bridge across the Iskut River.

The Project will store water at the head of the More Creek canyon using an 84 m high concrete dam to create a water storage reservoir. The anticipated size of the water storage reservoir will be approximately 3000 ha at full operating level with a live storage (useable) volume of approximately 870 million cubic meters.

The maximum output of the Project facility is estimated between 70-75 MW resulting in a Project that would generate approximately 306 GWh of energy per year at the site. Water from the dam will be directed through the intake into to a 1000 m long tunnel to an above ground powerhouse where the water will pass through the generating units and discharge back to More Creek via a short canal. The Project will use a single wood pole 138 kV transmission line to interconnect to a point near Bob Quinn Lake.

The energy will be sold under a long-term energy purchase agreement to be negotiated.

The water storage created by the Project will be used to seasonally regulate the flows of More Creek through the powerhouse and ensure flow releases are provided to More Creek, downstream of the intake, year-round. Instream flow release will be provided to the diversion reach downstream of the intake to maintain fish and fish habitat in this section of More Creek. Fish screens will be installed at the intake, where required.

Project Scope

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